How does Econaki’s rating system work?

A rating system out of 10 is used to rank businesses. The higher the number the better.

Each business will be evaluated on 5 aspects with 2 points for each giving a potential maximum of 10 points. Some of the aspects that might be evaluated are:

  1. Privacy policy, use of personal data
  2. Socially responsible or active
  3. Environmental impact, awareness, activity
  4. Online vs Physical
  5. Transparency
  6. Business model – How the business works
  7. Revenue model – How they make money
  8. Employee satisfaction/pay
  9. Sourcing of goods
  10. Ownership and country it’s based in

Not all variables will be used in all reviews as different types of businesses need different ways to review them.

At the end of each review I will list alternatives and if I would use the produce/service provided by the business.

In the tags section you can also refer to the UN Sustainable Development Goals / Fair Trade Goals which affect my scoring.

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Founder at Econaki
Hi! My name is Saran and I am the Founder of Econaki. My goal with the business is to provide in-depth information about the sustainability of popular products/services so that we can combat climate change amongst other problems.

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