10 Stylish & Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas

1. Furoshiki Gift Wrap

  • You will be upcycling unused fabrics in your house. Things like tshirts, napkins, scarves, tablecloths and pillows can be cut to suit the size of your gift.
  • Comes in lots of colors and patterns so it feels more unique.
  • To add more decoration, you can tie it with a ribbon or pin a bow to it.

You can follow the video below to learn how to make Furoshiki Box wrap.

2. Sweater Gift Wrap

The tutorial can be found here.

You can also try this idea with towels, t-shirts and other fabrics.

3. Typographic Paper Wrap

  • First: You have to wrap your gift with paper or normal gift wrapping.
  • Second: You need newspaper to cut the alphabets out – for example you can cut out the receiver’s name or “Congratulations”.
  • Third: Just glue them onto the wrapping. (source for tutorial)
  • You could also experiment by wrapping the gift with newspaper and then using the colorful paper as the alphabets.

4. Recyclable Gift Wrap

Most gift wrappers are not recyclable and so an alternative is purchasing recyclable gift wrap.

  • Wrappily – They print designs on 100% recyclable newsprint, which can be recycled upto 7 times. Their “newsprint will completely decompose in approximately six weeks”, which makes it even more eco-friendly.
  • Re-wrapped – They produce wrapping paper using 100% recycled unbleached paper and card and only using environmentally friendly vegetable based inks, meaning all of their products can be recycled. 5% of all their profits go to charity!
  • Green Field Paper – They create their wrapping paper through 100% Recycled materials and are made in the USA with soy-based ink. Their wrappers are also recyclable.

5. Create Your Own Gift Wrap From Scratch


By following this tutorial, you can create a gift wrapper from paper scraps and seeds. This option is a bit more challenging compared to the other options but it’s good for recycling paper!

6. Reusing Cardboard/Plastic Boxes

You can combine this idea with the suggestions above or even paint over the boxes to give it your own unique flair.

7. Gift Bags Cereal Boxes


  • First: Cut out the top of the cereal box.
  • Second: Punch holes into both sides.
  • Third: Tie one ribbon on each side so you can carry them in your hand.

8. Alternative Way to Upcycle Cereal Boxes

You can find the tutorial here.

9. Upcycling Magazines

  • All you have to do is cut up magazine pages into small strips and glue them onto your box.
  • You can also use the cut up scraps as box fillers.

10. Paper Gift Bag


Put your origami skills to work and create your own gift bag from any type of paper – maps, newspapers, comic books, magazines etc with this tutorial.

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