10 Creative Ways To Upcycle Your Old Cassettes

1 . Handbag

This handbag can be made with 3 materials:

  1. Cassettes (in this picture 27 cassettes are used)
  2. Headphones which are used as the handles to hold the bag
  3. Sturdy Wire which is looped around the holes in the cassettes to tie them together and to connect them to the headphones.

2. Wallet

For this cute wallet you need the following:

  1. 2 Cassettes
  2. Strong Glue
  3. A metal frame with a system to open/close the wallet or a zipper
  4. Fabric to prevent the wallet from opening up too much (which can cause it’s contents to fall out)

First glue the bottom edge of the cassettes together then glue the frame onto the cassettes as seen can be seen in the pictures. Finally glue the fabric on the insides of the wallet (again refer to the picture).


3. Planter

Follow this tutorial to recreate this cute planter.

Cassette Tape Recycling - Pencil Holder

4. Pencil Holder

To make a desktop pencil holder—or a small, open-topped box that’s useful for scores of miscellaneous purposes—you just need four cassette tapes and one compact disc. That’s it. The rest is a simple matter of applying enough glue to make all the components “jam” together.

5. Umbrella Holder

Similarly to the pencil case above you can craft an umbrella holder by gluing your cassettes together and instead of a floppy disk you can replace it with cassettes! Alternatively you can warp the shape and make it shorter but increase its width so that it turns into a box to hold things in.


6. Wall Hooks

All you need for this one is a cassette and a sturdy hook. Just glue the hook to the bottom of the cassette and then onto your wall.

7. Gift Card Holder

Follow this detailed tutorial to make the gift card holder above!

Old School Cassette Tape Earrings! Upcycled Jewelry Ideas

8. Earrings

One cassette tape makes a pair of retro earrings, which means they’re probably one of the cheapest forms of jewelry to make. Want to save money on gifts? Just give these to all your hipster friends.


9. Pompoms

You can follow this tutorial to upcycle the tape inside your cassette and turn it into gift bag pompoms, or use it as confetti!

10. Wall decoration

You can make this cute and vibrant wall decoration by simply painting over your cassettes.

Need more ideas or just like Upcycling? Check out my Pinterest Board for more ideas.

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