About Econaki

Hello, my name is Saran and welcome to Econaki’s website!

What is Econaki?

  • The name “Econaki” translates to “Is this eco-friendly?” in Bengali. I chose this name as I want to make people question if the decisions and things they are purchasing are eco-friendly.
  • Econaki is a business that posts about ethical and/or sustainable companies in order to help people lead better lives.
  • This business is a gap year initiative, which I will be using to practice my business skills as well as hopefully inspire future entrepreneurs.

Why did I create a store? What motivated me?

Many people around me (including my friends & family) keep discouraging my passion for sustainability and deeming it to not be a profitable source of livelihood. I want to be able to prove that businesses can be profitable while also helping our planet and people in need.

What are my goals with the store?

  • My first goal is to create a transparent store which people can trust and support ethical/sustainable businesses.
  • My second goal is to at least break even with the costs of running the store then eventually turn it into my source of livelihood. 
  • My third goal, once I start earning a good amount of money, is to donate at least 1% of the profits to a charity. Since this is a stretch goal I’ll decide on the charity and amount later.

What am I selling?

At the moment I am selling products from ethical (fair trade) and sustainable suppliers. Some things I look out for are:


  • FSC or GOTs Certification
  • Fair Trade membership or Ethical wages are paid
  • Providing income for the disadvantaged
  • Donates to charity
  • Vegan/Not tested on Animals


  • The product is made from recycled materials
  • The product is upcycled
  • The product is reusable and won’t have to be replaced for years
  • The packaging is any of the above or biodegradable
  • The supplier uses a carbon neutral shipper
  • Any text printed on the packaging uses soy or water based ink

Contact Details

  • Email: support@econaki.com

Feel free to email me about business related discussions, suggestions, concerns or customer inquiries.