Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace with Vegan Suede


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  • Ethically waged
  • Rose Quartz Drop with Silver Accents
  • Ceramic Bead Closure
  • Vegan Faux-Suede Cording
  • Handmade in Austin, Texas
  • Online Exclusive Product
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Why Eco-Friendly/Ethical Jewelry Matters

  • Mining usually involves heavy machinery and the movement of much of the earth, which can destroy habitats for wildlife and create poor conditions for communities living in the area.
  • Laborers in gem cutting facilities often work without proper ventilation or safety gear, which has led to many deaths.
  • Many gems and metals are mined through child slavery.

By supporting ethical producers of jewelry you are helping miners and children lead safer lives.

How Your Purchase Helps

This Necklace Is Perfect For You If..

  • You like matching your jewelry with your clothes
  • You attend a lot of casual parties or spend time at cafés
  • You are looking for a gift for your mother/ friend / significant other
  • Your style is chic
  • You wear colorful clothing

How This Necklace Is Made

The Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace is a made-to-order piece that begins with a double terminated rose quartz spear that is rigorously inspected (by a geologist) to ensure that it meets our quality standards. 

Next, it is carefully faceted, and strung on your choice of either tan or black vegan suede, then knotted to create a clasp featuring a ceramic bead. 

Before each is sent out, they are inspected again for quality, before being carefully packaged and shipped out.